Jiu Jitsu Series Bracelet – The Jiu Jitsu Journey


Handmade by MMA legend Enson Inoue

Maximum circumference of the bracelet is 19cm

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This is The Jiu Jitsu Journey. Created by Todd Ikeda.

It consists of the Jiu Jitsu belts from white, blue, purple, brown, black and red.

The inside string is white because this represents always being a white belt in terms of being humble and always ready to learn. The outside string is red and black representing the last two belts in the Jiu Jitsu journey.

The center tie and the white onyx in the tassels is wrapped with gold string to remind ourselves to always “stay golden” no which way the journey swings.

The center stone is Jasper engraved with Yamatodamashii. The Samurai Spirit. The two stones either side of the middle are engraved with the Jiu Jitsu Kanji (柔術) .

The Japanese symbols/kanji says “Yamatodamashii” (大和魂) which is roughly translated to “The Samurai Spirit”. It was a name given to Enson by the Japanese media and people for the way he fought. It evolved into a philosophy and way of life as it incorporates values of Integrity, Honor, Compassion and Loyalty. So it has become a way of living and values to aspire to and live through.


Maximum circumference of the bracelet is 19cm

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Black, Blue, Brown, Gold, Purple, Red, White



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