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Check out William Wayland’s review at Powering Through.


The first time I tested our Launch Fuel formula I was expecting a big energy rush and the kind of amped up tingly feeling you get from a typical body builder’s pre-workout product. I was driving to class after a long day and my head was spinning with all the usual problems we all deal with everyday, work that didn’t get finished, too many bills, forgetting to pick up the dog food, etc. etc. I was really tired and was training jiu-jitsu more out of habit than anything, I really felt like just taking a nap!

I stopped for gas, picked up a couple of bottles of water, and mixed up my first dose of Launch Fuel right there in the car. The taste was just right, a very subtle and mild orange flavor, not candy coated, not bitter or harsh, just kind of refreshing. I just dumped some in a regular water bottle and everything blended super quick. There was no chalky taste or grit. So far, so good.

About 15 minutes down the road I started to feel a deep warm flush of energy, but nothing jittery or spikey. It was really super smooth, like a swell more than a crashing wave. And a few minutes after that I started to notice my awareness seemed sharper, and my focus was getting tighter. After 30 minutes, when I got to class I was absolutely dialed in and locked on. I was completely physically and mentally ready to train and my focus was super tight. I saw, heard, and felt everything in class and sparring. It was like being in the zone with hyper awareness, and mentally I was firing quicker so it seemed like the rest of the world had slowed down just half a click. (Not quite like bullet time from the Matrix, but give me some time to keep tweaking the formula and maybe we’ll get there!)

After a great and sparring session I was physically tired, but not drained and exhausted like I felt sometimes after training – it was just a good feeling of being tired after a hard workout. Driving home that night I still had the lingering effects of a heightened awareness, but I was super calm and relaxed. I got home, had a bite to eat, and then took some HGH Maxistak and went to bed. I fell right to sleep and slept like a rock for about 7 hours. No problems sleeping like I get from some energy products.

The next time I trained I mixed up a bunch of Launch Fuel and handed it out to the guys at our club who wanted to try it. (Everyone!) Almost everyone had the exact same experience that I did with the exception of two guys – one who was coming off of the flu felt the awareness and mental energy but was still physically weak, and another guy who I think drinks 87 cups of coffee everyday.

I knew then that we had something really unique – a pre-fight supplement that can launch you directly into the ‘zone’! The rest of the admittedly unscientific tests we did kept showing the same results for fighters.

So, how does Launch Fuel work?

Launch Fuel delivers clean, powerful natural energy to deep in the core of every muscle cell. This specially crafted formula turbo charges your mitochondria’s (your cells internal power station) ability to process and recycle ATP*. (ATP is the molecule your body uses to store and transport energy to where it’s needed.) This helps both your body and your brain, because you brain is the single biggest consumer of energy in your body using 20% of your body’s fuel just to keep running!***

Body builders love pre workout products that give them a ‘pump’. But as a fighter, you need something different. Launch Fuel is a much more effective pre-fight supplement that provides energy for sparring, and helps your cells cycle through their energy stores faster, and provides ready fuel for your most important weapon – your mind!

You only have about 250 grams (9oz) of ATP in your body, so you need to recycle each molecule an average of 10x an hour! When you are training this recycling process skyrockets and efficiency becomes critical to your energy level and your work capacity.** Launch Fuel helps improve this efficiency.* It also contains special ingredients that help minimize muscle soreness after training.*

Launch Fuel is orange flavored, gluten free, and vegetarian. It’s best taken 30 minutes to 60 minutes before training.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

**Great discussion of the metabolic process here – Opening and Closing of the Metabolic Gate

***Article and the energy usage of the brain and ATP here – Why Does the Brain Use So Much Energy?

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  • Check the ingredients list closely for anything you may be allergic to such as shellfish
  • Supplements should not take the place of a varied and healthy diet


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