Scramble Ceremonial Black Belt

Only 100 made. ⠀

Limited edition ceremonial black belt presented in a unique circular presentation box. ⠀

The red bar is embroidered with a quotation from Viktor Frankl, who was an Austrian neurologist, philosopher, author, and Holocaust survivor. He went on to become a psychiatrist, helping people from all walks of life gain a deeper understanding into their own motivations and thought processes and using his tragic experience to help improve their lives. ⠀

He believed (in the simplest terms) that meaning in life – and thus happiness – could be found in three ways – through work (especially if it is fulfilling and creative and aligned with your interests and goals), through love (for example, in the service of others) and through suffering, which is an inescapable part of the human experience. ⠀

We believe that, for many, the journey to black belt can be one of the most significant journeys and most meaningful accomplishments in life, and it can be an allegory for existence itself, complete with sacrifice, suffering, striving for a goal, and camaraderie. ⠀

So, that’s the story behind this special edition jiujitsu black belt.

Weight 0.56 kg

Gold, Black, Red




100% Cotton


A0, A1, A2, A3, A4


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