Scramble Grappling Spats V2.0 – Black

We know that many of our customers possess superhuman grappling abilities, which is why they buy the Scramble Rainbow Spats.

We also know that there are some of you out there who possess the same skills, the kind that could submit a python with a heel hook and armbar a mandrill’s face without even blinking, but you like your grappling tights a little less… fruity. And that’s fine.

That’s why we’ve brought back our classic black grappling tights, with new and improved Scramble logos (on shin and butt), and a seal of officialness on the thigh. Scramble Spats – we didn’t invent the idea of grappling tights, but we like to think we were the first to pioneer the Men in Tights grappling renaissance of the last couple of years.

These jiu jitsu, MMA and grappling tights feature:

  • Improved, higher density polyester blend – resists pilling
  • Fully sublimated graphics – no peeling or cracking
  • Scramble grappling tights help prevent mat burns, ward off nasty mat-borne bugs, and  are extremely comfortable

Find out why we coined the motto – Once you got spats, you never go back!

NOTE: Some newer items will have an enclosed waistband, slightly differing from the picture currently shown. This is to lengthen the lifespan of the product and prevent frays and tears in the waistband.

Weight 0.200 kg

Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large





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