Scramble Tanren v4 BJJ Belt – Brown

The 4th generation of Scramble belt is made of premium belt like material and is long and windy, ideal for tying your Gi up and showing people just how good you are at jiujitsu….impressive. Featuring a few throwbacks in design to the V1 Tanren belt such as some pretty sweet rank bar embroidery and a fancy gold type label (designed to show how fancy and classy your tastes are) this is made to our usual high quality.

Not recommended for NoGi as the belt is to be used only in real Jiu-Jitsu… the Gi as Helio intended it oss.


Fun fact: Brown Belt in Finnish translates to mighty seal.


The length of these belts is as follows, although you can basically order according to your gi size. If you are in doubt, or in between sizes, you should probably get the size above and gradually shrink it down.

A0 – 225cm

A1 – 255cm

A2 – 290cm

A3 – 305cm

A4 – 320cm

Weight 0.3 kg

Black, Brown




100% Cotton


A0, A1, A2, A3, A4

1 review for Scramble Tanren v4 BJJ Belt – Brown

  1. Robin Kosnas (verified owner)

    The belt is as good as it gets. Perfect thickness: not thin but not too thick either.

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