Scramble x JennaJulien ‘Winner Winner’ Rashguard

There’s a party on your clothing and everyone’s invited!

This is a rashguard developed in collaboration with Julien Solomita and Jenna Marbles, and based off the crazy and colourful pattern developed for their custom Battlegrounds weapon skins. Our jiujitsu fans will be like “Yep, cool, I know all about rashguards.” But Jennajulien fans might be like “What the crap is a rashguard?” Well it’s a tight fitting polyester training top that you can use for pretty much any activity including gym, yoga, walking, watching YouTube, eating cucumbers and pointing at interesting stuff. It’s like a party, that you wear.

“I have been training jiu jitsu for nearly 4 years. In college i decided to take a no-gi class for fun and immediately loved the intensity of the sport. Years later i decided to jump into gi jiu jitsu full force and have since completely fallen in love with it. Scramble has been my favorite brand since I used to save up my spare college cash so i could rock their spats during my workouts. Working with Scramble on apparel collaborations has been a true dream come true for me as a jiu jitsu athlete and as a massive fan of their brand.

-Julien Solomita
vlogger, streamer, purple belt under Chris Lisciandro – Street Sports BJJ”

Weight 0.2 kg

Blue, Pink, White




20% Spandex, 80% Polyester


Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, XXL


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